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West Virginia teacher pay raise bill heads to governor


The Herald-Dispatch

Gov. Jim Justice (File photo)

CHARLESTON — After a long day of caucusing, debate and voting Tuesday, the West Virginia Legislature passed a bill that will give teachers, service personnel and state police troopers a 2 percent pay raise.

The bill that passed will give teachers a 2 percent raise next year and a 1 percent raise the subsequent two years, for a 4 percent raise total. Service personnel and state police will receive a 2 percent raise then a following 1 percent raise.

The final bill was the product of back and forth between the West Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate. On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate Rules Committee amended the House amended version, taking away a fifth 1 percent raise to land at the final version.

The version sent to the Senate from the House gave teachers a 2 percent raise then four 1 percent raises.

“We were able to incorporate the 2 percent pay raise at the front,” said Senate President Mitch Carmichael, R-Jackson. “There is this concept that the outlier years aren’t really that significant or valuable in terms of reliability or confidence the 1 percent will mean anything or be there several years out. Rather than commit so far out, we felt it was better to take that 1 percent off and move it to the front end.”

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