West Virginia Senate passes bill specifying conditions when it is unlawful to carry firearm at school-sponsored events


The Register-Herald

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  – A bill specifying conditions when it is unlawful to carry a firearm at school-sponsored functions passed the Senate unanimously Tuesday.

Senate Bill 244 revises conditions under which people who have concealed handgun permits could carry a concealed handgun in their car while at a public school. The bill also revises conditions under which a retired law-enforcement officer may have a firearm on a school bus, at a school or at certain school-sponsored functions.

The bill clarifies it is unlawful for a person to have a firearm on a school bus, school or at a school-sponsored function taking place in an area owned, rented or leased by a county school board or local school.

Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan, amended the bill to make clear that a person is prohibited from having a firearm at school-sponsored functions taking place in a specific area leased by the Department of Education, secondary schools or local public schools for the period when a function is taking place. This amendment was adopted on a voice vote.

Trump said without the addition of this language, nothing under the bill would have prohibited someone from carrying a firearm onto Laidley Field when high schools are playing against each other because the facility is not owned or leased by the local board.

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