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West Virginia Senate logging bill cautiously welcomed in Richwood


The Register-Herald

RICHWOOD, W.Va.  — The reason for the naming of Richwood is evident if you simply drive through the once-booming city.

Log trucks roll their way down Main Street, making their way to or from the city’s two remaining lumber mills.

In a city ravaged by West Virginia’s economic downturn over the last 30 or 40 years, and more recently by the 2016 floodwaters, the only thing more common than for sale signs in the Main Street shop windows are posters cheering on their Lumberjacks, Richwood High’s mascot.

For two locals, word on the possible opening of new timberland in state parks to cutting through West Virginia Senate Bill 270 is cautiously welcomed.

David Skaggs, owner of Dave’s Hardware on Oakford Avenue, thinks fresh timbering may bring some life back into Richwood.

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