West Virginia Senate debates teacher pay raise amendments


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Senate minority leader Roman Prezioso, D-Marion, listens to the discussion on the Senate floor
(Register-Herald photo by Rick Barbero)

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  – Significant debate consumed Thursday’s Senate floor session on two amendments offered by Democrats that would increase teachers’ salaries beyond the governor’s proposed 1 percent before the amendments ultimately failed along party lines.

Earlier this week, Senate Bill 267 was advance to the amendment stage but delayed taking it up until Thursday. The bill increases salaries of teachers and certain state employees. Language in the bill codifies a 5 percent raise for teachers over five years— or 1 percent each year— and a 2 percent raise for state employees over two years— once again, 1 percent each year.

After Thursday’s action, the bill advances to a vote today.

Senate Minority Leader Roman Prezioso, D-Marion, among other Democrats, offered two amendments Thursday. The first proposed a 3 percent increase for teachers, State Police and service personnel.

Prezioso said the state is experiencing a teacher crisis.

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