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West Virginia School Board Association resolution urging passage of legislation supporting faculty, staff, students

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia School Board Association, which represents school board members in West Virginia, today, Feb. 20, issued the following resolution regarding West Virginia school employees’ “Work Action” planned for Thursday and Friday, Feb. 22-23: 

Whereas the West Virginia State Legislature has the constitutional mandate to adequately fund public education, and

Whereas West Virginia teachers and service personnel have not received a legislatively passed pay increase for four years (Senate Bill 391), and

Whereas a proposed increase in employee contributions to state insurance (PEIA) will place and additional financial burden on all current and retired educators, and

Whereas the State of West Virginia is losing highly qualified personnel to all surrounding states due to the fact that our teachers and service personnel rank 48th in terms of median teacher and personnel salaries, and

Whereas public education is widely acknowledged as the backbone of any civilized society, and

Whereas the West Virginia School Board Association, which represents all 55 county boards of education, offers this resolution in support of the faculty, staff, and students,

Therefore, Be It Resolved – the West Virginia School Board Association urges immediate passage of legislation addressing these critically important issues.

—  The West Virginia School Board Association is an association for school board members in West Virginia, incorporated in 1954, with individual county boards receiving legislative sanction to join the Association in 1958. The organization serves the purpose of working to promote, in non-partisan means, “the advancement of public education in West Virginia, and to study and seek to attain effectiveness and constructive school board membership…” (WVSBA Constitution, Article II). For more information, visit

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