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West Virginia House of Delegates gavel in, introducing roughly 500 carryover bills


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CHARLESTON, W.Va.  — The House of Delegates assembled Wednesday at noon for the first day of the Legislative session, introducing more than 500 carryover bills.

Many of those bills focused on taxes, education, state worker compensation and benefits, as well as health, hunting and social issues.

• Noteworthy among the tax bills are H.B. 2039, establishing a tax credit for new businesses that locate in the state; H.B. 2122, providing a tax credit for first time home buyers; H.B. 2162, exempting motor vehicles from personal property tax; H.B. 2163, abolishing the Personal Income Tax; H.B. 2323, exempting Social security benefits from personal income tax; H.B. 2399, creating the West Virginia Earned Income Tax Credit; and H.B. 2508, creating tax credits for small businesses.

• Two education bills, H.B. 2309 and 2543, aim to discontinue the common core standards and assessments. H.B. 2572 would authorize public charter schools, and H.B. 3008 would eliminate county school systems and creating ten school districts.

Pay for special education teachers, all teachers and all public employees are addressed in H.B. 2142, 2210 and 2174, respectively.

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