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W.Va. Senate continues cleanup of State’s obsolete rules, regulations

Release from the W.Va. Senate:

Senate President Mitch Carmichael

“For too long, West Virginia has been ranked as having the most burdensome, onerous regulatory structures of any state,” Senate President Mitch Carmichael, R-Jackson, said. “This Legislature will act swiftly to remove regulatory burdens on job creators while maintaining reasonable rules to protect our citizens and the environment.”

Senate Bill 169, Senate Bill 170, Senate Bill 171, Senate Bill 176, and Senate Bill 237 each passed by a 33-0-1 vote.

·         Senate Bill 169 repealed a section of code that provided assistance to Korea and Vietnam veterans exposed to certain chemical defoliants. The assistance was contingent upon a similar program being offered by the federal government, and has not been offered for several years. This repeal does not in any way impact the current services or compensation of any veterans.

·         Senate Bill 170 repealed a section of code pertaining to the state hemophilia program. The program was eliminated by the West Virginia Legislature several years ago, when it was removed from the state budget.

·         Senate Bill 171 repealed a section of code that related to Programs of All-Inclusive Care for Elderly. PACE was an optional program that was offered through the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and to participate, states were required to enter a contract with U.S. DHHS. The program’s goals are the same as the Aged and Disabled Waiver (ADW), which prompted the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to dedicate available funding to that waiver program and not duplicate services.

·         Senate Bill 176 repealed a section of code concerning detection of tuberculosis, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Currently, DHHR has other funded programs that address these health concerns, and there is no funding within the state budget to operate this specific program.

·         Senate Bill 237 repealed 19 obsolete legislative and procedural rules from the Department of Revenue. They include rules that apply to the Tax Division, the Banking Commissioner, and the Office of the Insurance Commissioner.


The bills have been sent to the House of Delegates for further action.



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