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W.Va. House Speaker Tim Armstead reflects on 20-year service in the House


The Register-Herald

Speaker of the House Tim Armstead talks with The Register-Herald during a visit to his office in March at the State Capitol Complex.
(Register-Herald photo by Brad Davis)

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  — On Tim Armstead’s desk is the gavel he used most days in his four years as speaker of the West Virginia House of Delegates. Behind his desk, however, is another smaller gavel used for special occasions — marking the first and last day of the 60-day regular sessions.

This gavel has special meaning to the 53-year-old, not only marking his time as speaker, but also highlighting the history of his family.

His great-great-great-grandfather James Miller Armstead built a cabin in the 1840s. He was the original Armstead to settle in what was at that time Kanawha County, but later ended up forming Roane County.

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