W.Va. Attorney General Morrisey addresses pre-existing conditions issue

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey today issued the following response to statements released by Democrat legislators during a press conference Monday at the Capitol.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey:

W. Va. Attorney General Patrick Morrisey

“For years, we have said that people with preexisting conditions should be protected. Indeed, no one has lost any protections because of the lawsuit. This act is designed to help West Virginians and is modeled after bipartisan, bicameral legislation which was enacted in Louisiana with a Republican Legislature and a Democratic Governor. Our approach ensures that we eliminate the unconstitutional individual mandate of Obamacare and take steps to address skyrocketing premiums, while protecting those with preexisting conditions. This shouldn’t be about politics.

“It’s sad that a bill that received such bipartisan support in Louisiana, and was even signed into law by a Democratic Governor, is not enough for those in West Virginia who want to market in gloom and doom. No one has lost coverage from preexisting conditions, and these individuals have been misleading the public for years on this very point. We need to address this issue, protect people and stop these political games.”

See the release from the Democrat Legislators here: https://wvpress.wpengine.com/uncategorized/west-virginia-democratic-legislators-address-pre-existing-condition-legislation/

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