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Volunteers helping repair, rebuild bridges in rural WV


Charleston Gazette-Mail

Volunteers from Pennsylvania lay 2×4 decking on a bridge across a creek in Ivydale.
(Gazette-Mail photo by Kenny Kemp)

IVYDALE, W.Va. — Martha Adkins teeters across the creek toward her home, stepping on stones and balancing precariously on a metal ladder lying in the water. It is slippery from the ice crystals that have formed in the frigid air.

“Sometimes the water comes up and we have to wade through with rubber boots,” she said, adding that when the water is high enough, it seeps into the boots, soaking her clothes and weighing her down.

Robert Weese, who lives with her, struggles to carry the wood they’ll need for a fire. Pragmatic and practical — “You make do with what you’ve got” — his biggest fear, living as they do on the other side of a creek with a washed out bridge, is what would happen if either of them needed medical help again. EMTs, he said, would have to pack them out and back across the creek.

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