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Two Jefferson County, WV, Commissioners refusing to attend Commission President’s special meeting, citing ‘illegal’ use of power

By Toni Milbourne [email protected]

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — Jefferson County Commissioners Tricia Jackson and Jennifer Krouse chose to purposefully not attend the last regularly scheduled commission meeting last week and have both publicly announced that they will not attend a special meeting tonight called by President Steve Stolipher.

Stolipher called the meeting last Thursday, carrying over the exact agenda from the meeting, for which there was no quorum.

“Part of our concern (in not attending last week’s meeting) was Mr. Stolipher’s tendency to exercise power unilaterally, and illegally,” Krouse said in her public statement.

“He responded to this concern by exercising power unilaterally and illegally. On his own initiative, he scheduled a ‘special meeting’ for this Thursday. However, the commission president can only call such a meeting ‘with the concurrence of the majority of the County Commissioners,’’’ she went on, quoting wording from the commission’s own website.

The statement, in total, reads: “As provided by law, the County Commission may hold special sessions, whenever the public interests may require, to be called by the president with the concurrence of the majority of the County Commissioners.”

Stolipher did not have that majority, but he scheduled the meeting, regardless. …

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