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Time to register for WVPA Convention 2016; reserve rooms at Lakeview today

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Registration for the West Virginia Press Association’s 2016 Convention, Aug. 4-6 is open. 2016 WVPA Convention program

“West Virginia — Focusing on the Opportunities” is the theme of the WVPA’s 2016 Convention, Aug. 4-6.

The WVPA is inviting its 77 member newspapers and guests to Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa in Morgantown for three days of education, recognition and training.

Review and download the full convention packet here:

WVPA 2016 Convention Program Registration

Register online with eventbrite at

NOTE: Remember to reserve your rooms for the convention today at Lakeview Golf Resort and Spa at 304-594-1111 or online at Request the West Virginia Press Association room rate.

— Your invitation to Convention 2016 from Executive Director Don Smith:

Hello everyone,

I hope you will join us at the WVPA’s Convention 2016 Aug. 4-6 at Lakeview Golf Resort & Spa in Morgantown. 

The program offers an exciting array of activities and possibilities for growth. This year’s theme “West Virginia — Focusing on the Opportunities” will center the conversation on areas of development and growth in the coming years. The goal is to give both editorial and advertising departments a preview of what experts around the state see for the near future.

If the WVPA can provide West Virginia newspapers with an accurate forecast of the future, our publishers, editors and advertising directors can make informed decisions about staffing, coverage, marketing, special sections, software purchases and online developments. 

                  “True wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.” — Confucius

Questions we hope to answer: Where will there be growth? Where will there be jobs? Where are the greatest areas of need? How does business and industry want to market and promote such information? 

Armed with such knowledge, our newspapers can plan and make decisions to better inform readers and benefit advertisers. We hope our reporters and advertising representatives gain both insight and connections. We also hope our audience development and circulation leaders gain insight into print and online interest. 

As part of convention, we’re excited to have editors and advertising directors participate in panel discussions alongside government, business and industry leaders. 

                       “Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.” — Kobi Yamada

Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news. We’ve all covered the state’s opioid and drug abuse problems, the loss of traditional jobs and economy woes. Those are crucial topics to cover. The WVPA hopes to host a summit on covering the opioid epidemic later this year. 

But there are many positive developments and areas of growth in West Virginia. At Convention 2016, we hope to focus on and speed up delivery of that information to our newspapers.

As for Morgantown, “new” might be the most accurate description of its atmosphere and growth. If you haven’t visited Morgantown, West Virginia University or Reed College of Media’s Innovation Center recently, you are in for a treat.

At Convention 2016, you will learn about new work being done at WVU, about the newest techniques in journalism at the Reed College of Media and about the many new offerings in Morgantown, including the West Virginia Black Bears baseball team. It’s an exciting time in the old college town.

This year’s schedule includes many special guests, educational and fun activities and still allows time for socializing and networking.

Hope to see you in Morgantown,


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