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Spirit of Jefferson first W.Va. newspaper to unveil new public notice ‘spotlight’

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia newspaper industry works hard to ensure greater public access, open meetings and government transparency.
To recognize, support and increase that effort, the West Virginia Press Association has added an industry incentive for that effort. The WVPA is targeting those areas in the WVPA newspaper contests.
While many newspapers already regularly promote the presence of public notices and legal advertisements in their newspapers, The Spirit of Jefferson newspaper in Charles Town, W.Va., is the first newspaper to share it’s new effort.
The Spirit of Jefferson’s public hearing spotlight – shared by editor Christine Snyder – is just one example of what newspapers can do to promote the presence of public notices and legal advertisements.
The WVPA hopes the program serves as an additional reminder, increasing awareness of  public notices and legal advertisings to the benefit of readers, residents, state agencies and others placing legal advertisements.
There will be two new contest categories considered for the 2017 contest year:  “Best Promotion of Public Notice” will be a new advertising contest category and “Reporting Generated from Public Notice” will be a new editorial contest category.
 “Best Promotion of Public Notice” — will recognize excellence in advertising in any form that attracts the readers’ attention and promotes the presence of public notice advertising (legal advertising) in the newspaper. The ads can be print or online but must promote the presence of public notice in newspapers. The advertisements can include information or elements from national organization but must be primarily local design. Placing your logo on a national newspaper week ad would not quality.
“Reporting Generated from Public Notice” — Will recognize excellence in journalism that clearly demonstrates the value of public notices in keeping the public informed and/or generates reader interest in public notices and government activities. This category focuses on the role of that a required public notice played in generating articles and/or editorials and service to the public. This category is limited to three entries per newspaper. Each entry can include up to five parts, consisting of a mix of articles, editorials and illustrations. Please include a cover letter of no more than 300 words summarizing the entry.

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