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Senate to vote on changing West Virginia school calendar rules; other ed bills advance


Charleston Gazette-Mail

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Senate is set to vote Monday on a bill that would further change the exceptions to the requirement for public schools to have at least 180 separate instructional days, including newly allowing county superintendents to eliminate five days after the annual statewide standardized tests.

That legislation (Senate Bill 573), according to a committee substitute version currently posted online, would also provide county school systems even more freedom to make up days using the extra instructional minutes counties can build up by having days longer than the state-set minimum minutes.

Committee counsel Hank Hager, however, told the Senate Education Committee last week that the committee substitute version dealt just with the post-testing days, and another online version of the bill backs his statement. The actual active version of the bill was unclear Sunday.

It’s among several education bills, including ones on magnet schools and distributing excess food, that advanced in the last week. This year’s regular legislative session ends March 10.

According to the broader online version, S.B. 573 would remove the current cap saying counties can use the built-up extra instructional minutes to avoid making up no more than five “necessary school closure” days.

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