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Senate spars over employer property bill


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Sen. Mark Romano, D-Harrison, got into a lengthy debate with fellow senators Wednesday over a bill that would allow employers to dock employees for unreturned equipment or uniforms.
(NCWV Media photo by Rusty Marks)

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  — Members of the state Senate got into a lengthy and sometimes heated debate Wednesday over a bill that would allow employers to charge employees for uniforms or equipment they don’t return when they leave.

House Bill 2546, which was up for a vote in the Senate Wednesday, would allow employers to take the replacement cost for unreturned uniforms or equipment out of an employee’s final paycheck. Proponents of the legislation said it was intended to discourage employees from stealing equipment or their uniforms if they’re fired from a job.

But several Senate Democrats took issue with the bill, arguing it gave an unfair advantage to employers.

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