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Protesters line presidential motorcade route during West Virginia visit


The Register-Herald

Demonstrators react as President Donald Trump’s motorcades makes its way through downtown White Sulphur Springs Thursday afternoon.
(Register-Herald photo by Brad Davis)

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va.  — Their numbers were modest, but their sentiments brazenly rang out in the signs they waved and the chants they shouted as Donald Trump’s motorcade sped away after a brief presidential appearance in the Spa City.

Chanting, “Lock him up,” around 25 protesters lined one side of Main Street, holding aloft signs that bore such messages as, “Don’t cut education” and “Don’t make us go WV on you,” a reference to the recent teachers’ strike.

A trio of women held down the fort on the other side of the street, with signs proclaiming, “I love Donald Trump” and “Thank you President Trump.”

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