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National Youth Science Camp update from Pocahontas County

Update from staff at Camp Pocahontas, National Youth Science Camp:

By Quinn Del Val

Public Information Coordinator

National Youth Science Foundation

POCAHONTAS COUNTY, W.Va. — Delegates to National Youth Science Camp began their stay at Camp Pocahontas this weekend.

Delegates gather before a meal on the flagstones outside of the dining hall at Camp Pocahontas.

On top of socializing and enjoying the beauty of the rustic camp, delegates selected their first directed study, which is an in-depth look into different aspects of science. Other delegates enjoyed directed studies about topics in biology, mathematics, and technology.

“We’ll get to do a lot of hands-on activities,” said Nolan Jessen (Iowa) about the Scientific Ocean Drilling directed study, “I’m really looking forward to discovering what kind of data you can collect from what seem like plain rocks.”

Mr. Shiva Rajagopal led a lecture on the Internet of Things and how our devices can be taken advantage of. Dr. Bryon Peterson gave a lecture on the purpose of Stem Cells in 21st century cures.

The top students from across the United States and eight other nations travel to Pocahontas County for the annual National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp).

Delegates listen to Shiva Rajagopal in their afternoon lecture.
A group of delegates participate in a seminar on basket weaving.

Started in 1963 as part of the state’s Centennial, the National Youth Science Camp is celebrating 54 years of operation. The NYSC has supported nearly 6,000 students over the past 54 years, providing a rigorous STEAM enrichment program in the mountains of West Virginia. This program has been a well-established response to the documented need for improved STEAM education among promising young minds across the country. This year, top STEAM students from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and Trinidad and Tobago will also participate through support from the US State Department’s Bureau of Exchange and Cultural Affairs.

NYSCamp is run by the National Youth Science Foundation, whose mission is to inspire lifelong engagement and ethical leadership in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related professions through its proven educational model for mentoring, challenging and motivating students. By building strong communities among students, teachers and professionals, NYSF programs complement, broaden and enhance the traditional school curriculum leading to careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and related professions.

Media Contact: Quinn Del Val, Public Information Coordinator, National Youth Science Foundation 304-205-9724 [email protected] or PO Box 3387 Charleston, West Virginia 25333


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