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Mother’s Day roots run deep in West Virginia


Times West Virginian

The Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church is the site of the first Mother’s Day observance and is now the International Mother’s Day Shrine.
(Times West Virginian photo by Tammy Shriver)

GRAFTON, W.Va. — Cousins Candice Dady and Marilyn Raschka were touring the Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum a couple days before Mother’s Day. Raschka, of Wisconsin, has visited two times previously, but it was Illinois-resident Dady’s first visit to the home where Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother’s Day, was born.

“I don’t think you ever spend a lot of time (thinking about) where Mother’s Day began,” Dady said. “You’ve just grown up with it. … It’s really interesting to hear how it really started.”

They admired the wealth of items in the house, including hats, shoes and dresses worn by Anna, family photos, an old piano Anna’s mother Ann – the inspiration for Mother’s Day – used to give lessons on, and pins, banners and postcards Anna used to promote Mother’s Day in the early days.

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