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Media Alert: W.Va. Legislative Rulemaking Review Committee meeting on Wednesday

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — W.Va. State Senator Mark Maynard, R-Wayne, has released the following information:

Sen. Mark Maynard

On Wednesday Sept. 24 at 9am, the West Virginia Legislature’s “Legislative Rulemaking Review Committee” will be meeting for the first time during the 84th Legislative Session.

This Committee is the only Interim Committee that actually amends and votes on future legislation that will come before both houses and go to the Governors office for approval during the 2020 legislative session, Maynard said.

Monday and Tuesday will be the regular interim committee meetings. All meetings are open to the public and seating is available  on a first come first serve basis. The meetings on the Senate side will be live audio and video streamed on WV Legislature Live.

See the full Interim Committee Schedule:

Sen. Maynard, who serves as co-chairman of the Legislative Rulemaking Review Committee with Delegate Geoff Foster, R – Putnam, issued the following statement:

“Our Committee looks at rules where state administrative agencies believe more needs to be said to fill in the details to make new legislation work, and sometimes they revisit the code where a potential problem has to be remedied.  To look at the upcoming schedule, do an internet search for WV Rulemaking, then select agenda and anyone can look at our upcoming rules to be discussed.

A number of the upcoming rules to be discussed deal with the details of making SB396 work from the 2019 session.

Sponsored by Senator Eric Tarr, it waived initial occupational licensing fees from boards and licensing authorities. These rules deal with how these fee waivers are to be implemented. Also fee reductions are presented from the Board of Occupational Therapy in the form of a rule

Numerous air quality rules will come before the committee, but basically are just EPA instructions sent to our WVDEP where recommendations are made to our state and we really don’t have a choice but to implement.

From the cottage food bill passed, the Department of Agriculture has added lots of new regulations to control what is sold from home kitchens. Big big changes are coming in front of our committee regulating physician assistants.

Also many changes will be discussed regulating pharmacists. Regulation of overdose collection, social work training, and acupuncture will also be discussed.

All of the medical cannabis rules will be covered as well at this meeting among other rules.

Anyone that has interest are urged to participate in the process.

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