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Media Alert on availability of WVU Experts: President’s Executive Order more political than legal, but may spur Congress to change the law

From WVU Today:

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Erin Kelly

President Trump’s Executive Order to regulate social media after Twitter flagged one of his tweets won’t change current law, but may fall on favorable ears in Congress to change the law to his liking, according to Erin Kelly, who is teaching social media and the law at the West Virginia University College of Law


“President Trump’s Executive Order “Preventing Online Censorship” has more political implications than legal ones. It does nothing to change current application of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, but starts building a record that could push Congress to amend the law in the future.” 

Erin Kelly, WVU College of Law

“The push for Congress to review CDA Section 230 is the significant facet of this order, and it could do the opposite of what the Executive Order intends. These sites already exist as large profitable businesses, if these interactive content service providers are going to be open to more liability, this EO may eventually result in incentives for social media companies to moderate user posts more closely than before, rather than less.” — Erin Kelly, WVU College of Law 


Link to original story: Perspective on the social media executive order

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