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Marshall University Student Government Association Senate votes to oppose House bill 4012


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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Since the Parkland school shooting, there has been much debate among teachers, parents, students and politicians as to what should be done to best protect students. This past Tuesday, senators of Marshall University’s Student Government Association discussed House Bill 4012, which would allow conceal carry on college campuses.

Last week Student Body President Matt Jarvis sent out a letter to the West Virginia House of Delegates urging them to vote against the bill.

The senators debated tabling a discussion on SGA’s stance on the bill until it is brought up in the House again, as it is currently awaiting judicial review and has been doing so since Jan. 25. The motion to table the discussion was in effort to not create a divisive and hostile environment within SGA due to varying opinions, according to SGA member Jeremiah Parlock.

After stating how bills can move at unpredictable rates, SGA member Jo Tremmel said, “Now is the time we should be discussing this.”

After further debate, the senators voted to discuss SGA’s stance on HB 4012. The SGA senate then voted to make their official stance opposing HB 4012. The resolution has been moved to the judiciary committee.

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