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Justice’s speech includes optimism for West Virginia


The Register-Herald

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  – Gov. Jim Justice rallied optimism in his state of the state address, proposing new spending measures including pay raises for all state employees, increased funding to tourism and commerce, and elimination of the business inventory tax.

Justice delivered his second state of the state address, his first as a Republican, Wednesday night in the House of Delegates chamber, outlining some of his proposals for the 2019 fiscal year budget.

In typical fashion, Justice’s speech included stories, once again doing his Frankenstein impression which he did last year, saying “If Frankenstein catches you, you deserve to die.” He said just like Frankenstein’s monster came to life, so is West Virginia.

Justice also brought out familiar props during his state of the state address, including white boards and a platter. Justice vetoed the budget earlier this year unveiling a platter with a cow patty atop the budget bill. This time, he unveiled a Hershey Kiss, a West Virginia University carnation and a “Happy Days” tape.

Justice outlined budget shortfalls last year. At this point last year, the state was facing a potential $497 million shortfall for the 2018 fiscal year. Rainy Day Funds were used to balance the three previous years.

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