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Jefferson County sees record number change affiliation to Independent ahead of May 8


Spirit of Jefferson

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va.  — Dr. Seuss’s classic tale “The Sneetches” tells the story of a race of beings separated by a single distinguishing characteristic — the presence or absence of a green, five-pointed star on their abdomens.

One genus of the species has them and one genus doesn’t until along comes an inventor with a machine able to both apply and remove the belly birthmarks, resulting in no Sneetch able to tell an original star-bellied Sneetch from the plain-bellied type.

Sixty-five years after the children’s book came out, Jefferson County voters have a Sneetches story of their own in a contest for a seat on the Jefferson County Commission – with registered Democrats switching their party affiliation to Independent in record numbers to support Republican Jane Tabb, who is being challenged in her bid for a third six-year term by retired Navy captain Jack Hefestay, a self-described “constitutional conservative.”

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