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Huntington-area legislators want details after West Virginia State of State speech


The Herald-Dispatch

Delgate Matthew Rohrbach, R-Cabell

CHARLESTON, W.Va. West Virginia’s “head coach” Gov. Jim Justice’s State of the State address Wednesday night left local legislators optimistic but searching for details.

The governor, who said he wouldn’t mind being called “coach” during a speech filled with sports analogies, laid out his plans for the 2018 session, including a pay raise for state employees, no new taxes and a new path to getting a technical degree.

Del. Matt Rohrbach, R-Cabell, said it was an optimistic outlook, but he was really looking for more from the governor.

“I think the governor did a good job of pointing out the economy of West Virginia is starting to turn around,” Rohrbach said.

“Employment is up. Our GDP is one of the fastest growing in the country. We certainly have with the road bond and pipeline construction reasons to think it will only continue to get better … I thought he was a little short on specifics on how we can really continue to capitalize on this momentum to move the state forward.”

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