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Hundreds of bills debuted on first day of West Virginia session


The Herald-Dispatch

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The 2018 session of the 83rd West Virginia Legislature started with a bang Wednesday, with more than 500 bills being introduced in both houses and a delegate calling for the removal of the Speaker of the House.

Bills introduced focus on topics ranging from opioid prescribing limitations to eliminating Social Security income tax.

Del. Marshall Wilson, R-Berkeley, rose in the House of Delegates after roll-over bills were introduced to call for the removal of Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha, as Speaker of the House. The motion was quickly squashed with a voice vote.

“My duty under the constitution is to represent the will of the good people of District 60,” Wilson said on his Facebook account. “The Speaker has made himself an impediment to my ability to accomplish the tasks assigned to me by my employers, thereby making it my duty to attempt in all ways to reduce or remove that impediment. I have attempted to discuss the matter with him. This is my next option.”

Armstead declined to comment on the matter, but he did release a letter to Wilson removing him from his committee appointments.

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