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Editorial: Are we allowing them to ‘dummy’ education down in West Virginia

From The Exponent Telegram of Clarksburg:

This week the West Virginia Board of Education put out for public comment a plan to once again alter graduation requirements.

Already, the state only requires 22 high school courses to graduate, with 18 of those courses currently mandated by the board. The focus, of course, being on “core” classes like math, science, English and for the time being, social studies.

But the new proposals, while keeping the 22 credits in place, changes the course requirements dramatically, making only 10 of them required.

It’s as if someone with a background in higher education has decided to allow 14 and 15-year-olds the chance to pick their courses with what’s best for their future in mind.

That’s probably tough enough for college freshman and sophomores, let alone their counterparts on the high school level. …

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