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Crews filming locally for ‘Snarly Yow’ monster movie

By Toni Milbourne, The Journal

HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. — Film crews have been busy in and around Harpers Ferry, as well as some other locations in Jefferson County, setting the scenes for a monster movie focusing on the legendary Snarly Yow.

Chuck Morrongiello, producer and actor, shared that the production is being done by 3 Rats Entertainment LLC and Avail Entertainment LLC.

“The Snarly Yow is a famous legend here, secondary to Mothman,” Morrongiello said.

“We are getting ready to see the scariest creature in West Virginia come to life,” said Adam Boster, cinematographer for the film.

Morrongiello, when telling the tale of the beast, said that it has been spotted for hundreds of years in the area, including by Civil War soldiers. Allegedly, the creature causes pain and fear in its victims without leaving any physical evidence.

Legend has it that in the 19th century, travelers on the National Highway reported that the creature appeared out of nowhere and just as instantly vanished. Allegedly, hunters who came upon the Snarly Yow were not able to kill it as their bullets passed right through.

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