Coronavirus Update: Panic buying in W.Va. has left many items on grocery store shelves depleted

By Jordan Hatfield, The Register-Herald

BECKLEY, W.Va. — The threat of COVID-19 bringing a potential outbreak throughout West Virginia has caused worry, leaving items on grocery store shelves slim, including toilet paper.

Those who venture out to get essential supplies will now see several grocery stores in the Beckley area limiting the amount of certain items that can be purchased, including Kroger on Harper Road.

A Beckley, W.Va. Residents shops Saturday. Register Herald photo/Rick Barbero

The establishment decided Thursday evening to put up signs limiting each customer to three cases of bottled water. As of Saturday morning, there was a limited amount of toilet paper on the store’s shelves.

Sam’s Club in Beckley received a full shipment of toilet paper Thursday evening, but it was completely gone by Friday afternoon. Walmart in Beckley has also stocked shelves numerous times, and the toilet paper is gone within moments.

Several other stores have limited amounts of toilet paper, so many people visited several stores throughout the area to find what they need. Lisa Walker, of Beckley, ventured out earlier this week to find the basic necessity, and was finally able to find it at a local Dollar General. 

Walker bought a large amount of toilet paper, but she said it was never her intention to buy in bulk. Upon realizing others were buying such large amounts, she worried that when the time came, her family wouldn’t be able to get what they needed if all stores were out. 

“I don’t really have any idea why people are buying all this toilet paper in bulk,” Walker explained. “Maybe people are worried about being quarantined for a period of time and feel they won’t be able to get any and go out, but for me, it was because I worried for my family since everyone else was getting such large amounts, that when we actually ran out and needed it, there wouldn’t be any for us to buy.”  …

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