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Campaign Update: Natalie Tennant calls for the WV Election Fraud Task Force to be upfront with voters

Release from the Tennant Campaign:

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Secretary of State candidate Natalie Tennant says U.S. Attorneys Bill Powell and Mike Stuart along with Secretary of State Mac Warner should be upfront with voters regarding the alleged absentee ballot voting scheme, as they claim.

Even as the investigation evolves, voters deserve to know what is taking place, so they know what to look out for in case they are confronted with it. Voters deserve to be part of the solution.

“No one understands the importance of election security and integrity more than I do,” Tennant said. “As Secretary of State, I still have more investigations and convictions for election law violations than any other secretary.”

If the alleged scheme is hidden from the public, it brings into question the validity of the claim.

“This kind of fly-by-night statement without evidence or explanation hurts the voter’s confidence in the election process,” Tennant said. “It could look like an attempt to suppress voters.”

The US Attorneys can provide the details of what they are investigating without compromising their efforts. They do this all the time with the media. 

According to the Vote at Home Institute, absentee voting and vote-by-mail allows for extra layers of checks and balances to ensure the integrity of elections, including centralized risk-limiting audits and ballot tracking.

A USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows two-thirds of Americans support voting by mail as an alternative to voting in person on Election Day during the coronavirus pandemic.

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