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Bills introduced on Feb. 13

The Dominion Post

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  — Here are some bills introduced on Feb. 13. Local lead sponsors and co-sponsors are noted.

SB 268, would require counties to maintain an online directory of information now optional, such as county official contact information, ordinances, meeting minutes, meeting dates. Would also require Class I and II municipalities to create the same.

SB 278, to allow Sunday hunting on private land with owner’s consent. Sen. Bob Beach, D-Monongalia, co-sponsor.

HB 2340, to require the Division of Highways to develop performance standards and criteria to measure agency performance in all essential operations and to require the division to employ a management information system that will track the division’s past and current progress toward meeting performance standards. Originally sponsored by former Delegate Brian Kurcaba, R-Monongalia; now by Delegate Joe Statler, R-Monongalia, co-sponsored by Delegates Amy Summer, R-Taylor, John Williams, D-Monongalia.

HB 2343, requiring State Police to lease rather than buy vehicles, if cost effective. Delegate Terri Sypolt, R-Preston, co-sponsor.

HB 2346, to require the Division of Motor Vehicles to study the cost-effectiveness of switching from embossed to flat license plates. Statler, Sypolt, co-sponsors.

HB 2353, to require the DOH to develop a formula to distribute funds among the districts. Another Kurcaba bill; Statler, lead sponsor, Summers, Williams, co-sponsors.

HB 2365, to repeal last year’s right-to-work legislation. Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer, lead sponsor, Delegate Rodney Pyles, co-sponsor.

HB 2357, to allow local governments to regulate vehicle traffic within their borders, stemming from Morgantown truck ban suit; Pyles, lead sponsor.

HB 2372, to reestablish prevailing wage for certain government contracts. Fleischauer, lead sponsor, Pyles, co-sponsor.

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