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Bill to permit Sunday liquor sales advances in Senate Judiciary Committee


The Register-Herald

Del. Brandon Steele, R-Raleigh, speaks during Tuesday’s House floor session.
(West Virginia Legislative Photography photo by Perry Bennett)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Tuesday that would allow Sunday liquor sales after 1 p.m.

Del. Brandon Steele, R-Raleigh and the lead sponsor, said the original intent of the law was “purely religious” and that the bill was “basically a freedom thing.”

“You know, right now you can go to a bar on Sunday, but you can’t go to a retail store on Sunday and purchase liquor, which is just hypocrisy,” he said. “What’s the difference? You can leave church and go to Applebee’s or Chili’s and drink hard liquor and drive home unsafely, but you can’t safely go to a retail store and buy liquor and go home and enjoy it in the safety and comfort of your home.”

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