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Bill allowing info sharing between DOH and tax department heads back to Senate


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CHARLESTON, W.Va.  — A bill that allows the state Tax Department to share certain information with the Division of Highways concerning whether bidders are in good standing with their taxes will head back to the Senate.

The West Virginia Senate passed SB 2002 during Monday’s floor session. The House amended the bill, changing some of the language. The House passed the bill in a 94-0 vote. The Senate must now reconsider the bill to affirm or deny the House changes.

The bill allows the DOH and the Tax Department to enter into a written agreement. The original version had this as an option but with the change in language, this is now required, Delegate John Shott, R-Mercer, explained.

The goal of the bill is to allow the Tax Department to share information with the DOH regarding bidders’ payment of taxes.

Under the legislation, the DOH would be able to request information regarding bidders’ business registration and whether they are in good standing with the tax commissioner. The DOH would also be able to access info on sub-contractors whether they have a current registration and whether a cease/desist has been issued.

The bill would withhold final payment to a contractor if it wasn’t up-to-date on its taxes. Final payment would be withheld if the contractor hadn’t paid all withholdings for its employees or if the contractor hadn’t paid its taxes.

“This is a good idea,” Sen. Charles Trump, R-Morgan, said in the Senate’s Monday floor session. “The idea is to give the Department of Highways and the tax department a line of communications so that taxpayers of this state who are going to foot the bill for projects know that people are remitting and paying taxes as required before they get their final money.”

After Monday evening’s floor session, House Speaker Tim Armstead, said he hopes to finish action on special session bills Tuesday.

“I’m hoping we will. There are members who want to make amendments to bills and we wanted to give time to draft those. .. I hope we will be able to work out concerns members have with the bills and finish by tomorrow, We will try our hardest to do that.”

The Senate also took up Senate Bill 2003, which would implement special hiring procedures for the Division of Highways and the Tax Division. This bill was advanced to second reading.

The Senate also introduced SB 2001, which would exempt military retirement income from the state income tax. This bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Finance.

The House additionally introduced House Bill 203, which deals with tax credits for rehabilitation of historic buildings and structures. The bill was read a first time.

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