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Around the Rotunda: W.Va. Legislative, committee schedule for Thursday, Jan. 23

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Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020
16th Day of the Legislative Session

Rotunda and social activities: All Kinds Welcome Here, Upper Senate Rotunda; County Commissioners Association, Upper House Rotunda (2-3 Tables); WV Crime Victims Compensation Fund, Upper House Rotunda (1 Table); Health Smart, Upper House Rotunda; WV Chamber Legislative Reception, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m., Culture Center; Legislative Reception, Embassy Room 221, 6-8 p.m.

The Senate will convene at 11 a.m.


  • SCR 3: US Army MSG Richard A. “Dick” Smoot Memorial Bridge
  • SCR 8: US Army 1st Lieutenant Harold H. Frazier Memorial Bridge
  • SR 12: Designating January 23, 2020, as Human Resources Day


  • Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 192: Relating to WV Secondary School Activities Commission audits
  • Eng. Com. Sub. for SB 297: Requiring Board of Education create home economics course


  • Com. Sub. for SB 144: Creating misdemeanor penalty for making materially false statement in course of misdemeanor investigation
  • Com. Sub. for SB 311: Relating to court-ordered community service
  • SB 321: Relating to collection of tax and priority of distribution of estate or property in receivership


  • SB 8: Exempting certain armed forces veterans from payment of fees for license to carry deadly weapon
  • SB 114: Providing continued eligibility for developmental disability services to dependents of military members
  • SB 289: Creating Green Alert Plan
  • Com. Sub. for SB 303: Enacting Students’ Right to Know Act
  • Com. Sub. for SB 357: Authorizing Department of Revenue promulgate legislative rules
  • Com. Sub. for SB 364: Authorizing Department of Transportation promulgate legislative rules
  • SB 468: Relating to eligibility for license or permit application
  • Com. Sub. for SB 470: Relating to use of crossbow to hunt
  • Com. Sub. for SB 487: Providing exception that all DNR payments be deposited within 24 hours
  • Com. Sub. for SB 500: Relating to Class Y special crossbow hunting permit
  • Com. Sub. for SB 501: Adding protection, operation of North Bend Rail Trail, Greenbrier River Trail, and Elk River Trail to Parks and Recreation Section of DNR
  • SB 509: Relating to custodial allocation actions independent of divorce

Scheduled Committee Meetings

10 a.m.: Select Committee on Children and Families (208W)

  • Com. Sub. for SB 230: Requiring State Board of Education provide instruction to personnel on student suicide prevention
  • Com. Sub. SB 236: Relating to online privacy protection of children

1 p.m.: Energy, Industry and Mining (208W)

  • Originating Bill: Requiring notice to downstream water systems of a pollutant discharge

1 p.m.: Health and Human Resources (451M)

  • SB 269: Establishing advisory council on rare diseases
  • SB 291: Requiring PEIA and health insurance providers provide mental health parity
  • HB 4103: Relating to office of drug control policy
  • HB 4007: Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
  • SB 560: Permitting nursing home use trained individuals administer medication

2 p.m.: Government Organization (208W)

  • HB 2696: Creating an additional index system for state-owned lands
  • HB 4020: Removing authority of municipalities to require occupational licensure if licensure for the occupation is required by the state
  • HB 4130: Relating to competitive bidding for government construction contracts arising out of declared states of emergency
  • SB 209: Repealing annexation by minor boundary adjustment
  • SB 175: Requiring certain agencies maintain website which contains specific information

2 p.m.: Education (451M)

  • SB 241: Requiring State Board of Education develop method for student transportation costs as stand-alone consideration

3 p.m.: Judiciary (208W)

  • SB 136: Prohibiting certain misleading lawsuit advertising practices
  • SB 261: Creating criminal penalties for introducing ransomware into computer with intent to extort
  • Originating Bill: Relating to correcting an incorrect code citation

3 p.m.: Finance (451M)

  • Budget Presentation: West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
  • Budget Presentation: West Virginia Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Senate Bills to be Introduced Thursday, January 23, 2020

  • SB 598: Creating WV Mutual to Mutual Insurance Holding Company Act (Azinger)
  • SB 599: Clarifying when claimant may file cause of action without screening certificate of merit (Azinger)
  • SB 600: Creating special revenue account designated Military Authority Fund (Weld)
  • SB 601: Adding reporting requirements to financial disclosures (Prezioso, Baldwin, Ihlenfeld, Jeffries, Lindsay, Palumbo, Romano, Stollings, Woelfel)
  • SB 602: Relating to judicial branch members’ salaries and pensions (Trump)
  • SB 603: Relating to prohibition on short-term duration health insurance (Prezioso, Baldwin, Beach, Ihlenfeld, Jeffries, Lindsay, Plymale, Romano, Stollings)
  • SB 604: Creating cabinet position of State Surgeon General (Prezioso)
  • SB 605: Redefining definition of ‘life-prolonging intervention’ (Tarr, Azinger, Boley, Clements, Cline, Hamilton, Maynard, Roberts, Smith, Swope, Sypolt)
  • SB 606: Relating to relative placement for foster care and guardianship (Trump)
  • SCR 9: US Army SSG Nick P. Markos Memorial Bridge (Weld)
  • SR 13: Designating January 24, 2020, as Women’s and Girls’ Day (Palumbo)
  • SR 14: Designating January 24, 2020, as Corrections Day        (Clements, Azinger, Beach, Boley, Cline, Facemire, Hamilton, Hardesty, Ihlenfeld, Mann, Maroney, Maynard, Palumbo, Pitsenbarger, Prezioso, Roberts, Smith, Swope, Sypolt, Takubo, Tarr, Weld, Woelfel)
  • SR 15: Recognizing contributions of American Civil Liberties Union on its centennial anniversary (Lindsay)

* (FN) indicates the bill has a Fiscal Note

* (IB) indicates the bill is an Interim Bill


Special Calendar

House to convene at 11 a.m.

On the agenda:


·         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4058 – Relating to pharmacy benefit managers

·         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4275 – Authorizing Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety promulgate legislative rules relating to the Fire Commission

SECOND READING – Amendment Stage

·         Com. Sub. for S. B. 94 – Providing persons with physical disabilities ability to vote by electronic absentee ballot

·         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4002 – Creating a felony crime relating to drug delivery resulting in death

·         H. B. 4393 – Relating to making suffocation and asphyxiation crimes


·         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4011 – Reorganizing various boards and authorities for the licensing and oversight of trades, occupations, and professions

·         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4129 – Relating to adoption

·         H. B. 4146 – Relating to credit for reinsurance

·         H. B. 4149 – Relating to insurance

·         H. B. 4166 – Prohibiting certain sex offenders from being in a supervisory position over children

·         H. B. 4411 – Relating to the West Virginia Residential Mortgage Lender, Broker and Servicer Act

Committee Meetings Scheduled:

Committee on Finance

8:00 a.m. – Room 462 M

Budget Hearing for the Department of Veterans Assistance

Budget Hearing for the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety

5:00 p.m. – Room 462 M

Budget Hearing for the Department of Commerce

Committee on the Judiciary

9:00 a.m. – Room 418 M

H. B. 4438, Relating to the licensing of advance deposit wagering.

H. B. 2164, Clarifying that appeals to the Supreme Court are a matter of right.

H. B. 2526, Creating an offense for public intoxication due to drug use.

Committee on Education

9:30 a.m. – Room 434 M

·         H. B. 2464, Requiring free feminine hygiene products in grades 6 through 12.

·         H. B. 2425, Defining a work day for school service personnel and removing a provision relating to employment of licensed practical nurses.

Committee on Rules

10:45 a.m. – Behind Chamber

Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse

1:00 p.m. – Room 215 E

(***Agenda to be posted.***)

Political Subdivisions

1:00 p.m. – Room 418 M

·         House Bill 2321, Allowing workers’ compensation benefits for first responders diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder

·         House Bill 4137, Allowing counties to store and maintain voter registration records in a digital format

·         House Bill 4177, Allowing sheriffs to keep electronic copies of receipts for the payment of taxes

·         House Bill 4394, Making permanent the right of first refusal land reuse agencies and municipal land banks have on tax-delinquent properties

·         House Bill 4355, Allowing municipalities and counties to post their annual financial statements on the Internet

Health and Human Resources

3:00 p.m. – Room 215 E

·         HB 4226 – Department of Health and Human Resources, primary care seed money grants (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4227 – Department of Health and Human Resources, pilot program for drug screening of applicants for cash assistance (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4230 – Insurance Commission, pharmacy auditing entities and pharmacy benefit managers (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4279 – Department of Health and Human Resources, public water systems (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4280 – Department of Health and Human Resources, fees for permits (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4281 – Department of Health and Human Resources, vital statistics (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4282 – Department of Health and Human Resources, emergency medical services (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4283 – Department of Health and Human Resources, primary care center uncompensated care grants (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4284 – Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program–general provisions (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4285 – Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program–growers/processors (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4286 – Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program-laboratories (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4287 – Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program-dispensaries (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4288 – Department of Health and Human Resources, medical cannabis program-safe harbor letter (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4289 – Department of Health and Human Resources, collection and exchange of data related to overdoses (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4290 – Department of Health and Human Resources, minimum licensing requirements for residential child care and treatment facilities (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4291 – Department of Health and Human Resources, qualifications for a provisional license to practice as a social worker (2nd reference to Judiciary)

·         HB 4292 – Health Care Authority, critical access hospitals (2nd reference to Judiciary

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