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Around the Rotunda: W.Va. Legislative, committee schedule for Friday, Jan. 10

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Friday, Jan. 10, 2020
3nd Day of the Legislative Session

Rotunda and social activities: Mineral County Day, GIS Day, Upper House and Upper Senate Rotundas

*** Agendas and times subject to change. ***


The Senate will convene at 11 a.m.

There are no bills on the Senate Calendar for Friday, January 10, 2020.

Scheduled Committee Meetings

There are no committee meetings scheduled for Friday, January 10, 2020.

Senate Bills to be Introduced Friday, January 10, 2020

·         SB 246: Including family court judges in retirement system for judges (FN)      (Jeffries)

·         SB 247: Providing bonus for school service personnel who use less than four days of personal leave (FN) (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 248: Repealing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles (FN) (Romano)

·         SB 249: Authorizing law enforcement to make safety inspections of commercial vehicles (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 250: Providing 11-month window to allow PERS members to purchase credited service (FN) (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 251: Allowing workers’ compensation benefits for first responders diagnosed with PTSD due to on-the-job event (Jeffries)

·         SB 252: Creating Emergency Medical Services Personnel Loan Forgiveness Program (FN) (Baldwin)

·         SB 253: Providing for fair pay and maximized employment of disabled persons (FN) (Swope)

·         SB 254: Adding grievance and appellate procedures for individuals participating in DMV safety and treatment program (FN) (Rucker)

·         SB 255: Providing certain persons be allowed to carry pepper spray in State Capitol Complex (Rucker)

·         SB 256: Requiring notice be sent to owners of record before real property can be sold due to nonpayment of taxes (FN) (Rucker)

·         SB 257: Prohibiting discrimination in access to organ transplants based on physical or mental disability (Rucker)

·         SB 258: Relating to when child passenger safety devices are required (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 259: Requiring mandatory incarceration prior to parole for certain persons convicted of distributing controlled substances near libraries (Romano)

·         SB 260: Collecting of personal information by retail establishments for certain purposes (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 261: Creating criminal penalties for introducing ransomware into computer with intent to extort (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 262: Creating rebuttable presumption under workers’ compensation law for law-enforcement officer who has developed certain diseases (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 263: Creating Zombie Property Remediation Act of 2020 (Woelfel)

·         SB 264: Creating tax credit for persons who successfully complete firearms safety course (FN) (Baldwin)

·         SB 265: Authorizing DEP to develop Reclamation of Abandoned and Dilapidated Properties Program (FN) (Swope)

·         SB 266: Clarifying and updating language regarding Fairmont State alumni license plates (Weld)

·         SB 267: Relating to criminal possession of rented or leased personal property (Jeffries)

·         SB 268: Relating to certain waivers for SNAP benefits (Tarr)

·         SB 269: Establishing advisory council on rare diseases (Stollings)

·         SB 270: Relating to unlawful discriminatory practices covered by Human Rights Act and Fair Housing Act (Takubo, Baldwin, Weld and Woelfel)

·         SB 271: Prohibiting civil rights violations (FN) (Baldwin)

·         SB 272: Repealing certain misdemeanor offenses (Woelfel)

·         SB 273: Reducing time original owner of real property may redeem property after tax lien sale (Ihlenfeld)

·         SB 274: Authorizing year-round hunting of coyote (Jeffries)     

·         SB 275: Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals (FN) (Carmichael)     

·         SB 276: Creating Intermediate Court of Appeals (FN) (Trump)

·         SB 277: Relating to civil asset forfeiture (Trump)

·         SB 278: Providing various methods to deal with defendant who becomes incompetent during trial (Trump)

·         SB 279: Requiring dental insurance plans honor assignment made in writing by person covered (Trump, Stollings)

·         SB 280: Requiring establishment of paternity before awarding DHHR benefits (Tarr)

·         SB 281: Removing residency requirement for persons applying for reappointment to municipal police dept (Woelfel)

·         SB 282: Authorizing transfer of accrued personal leave of former county board of education employee when subsequently employed by state agency (FN) (Baldwin)  

·         SB 283: Relating to criminal offenses of strangulation and suffocation (Weld)

·         SB 284: Creating WV Health Care Continuity Act (Carmichael)

·         SB 285: Eliminating WV Greyhound Breeding Development Fund (Carmichael)

·         SB 286: Prohibiting syringe exchange programs (Tarr)

·         SB 287: Requiring county boards of education establish program for random drug testing of student drivers and student athletes (FN) (Tarr)

·         SB 288: Relating to family planning and child spacing (Tarr)

·         SB 289: Creating Green Alert Plan (FN) (Weld)

·         SB 290: Creating Underground Mining Subsidence Damage Act (FN) (Weld)

·         SB 291:  Requiring PEIA and health insurance providers provide mental health parity (FN) (Weld)

·         SB 292: Relating to criminal offenses of stalking and harassment (Weld)

·         SB 293: Relating to adoption (IB) (Weld, Stollings, Rucker, Roberts, Plymale, Maynard, Azinger)

·         SB 294: Requiring settlement moneys and recovered funds be deposited in general revenue (Tarr)

·         SB 295: Establishing criminal penalties for certain sexual offenses committed by teacher against student (FN) (Cline)

·         SB 296: Requiring student compete in school-sanctioned event based on athlete’s biological gender listed on original birth certificate (FN) (Cline)

·         SB 297: Requiring Board of Education create home economics course (FN) (Cline)

·         SB 298: Redefining “autocycle” (Cline)

·         SB 299: Requiring Board of Education develop financial literacy course (Cline)

·         SB 300: Updating certain terms in WV Corporation Net Income Tax Act [By Request of the Executive] (Carmichael, Prezioso)    

·         SB 301: Relating to Foster Care Ombudsman Program (FN) (IB) (Tarr, Weld, Stollings, Rucker, Roberts, Plymale, Maynard, Azinger)        

·         SB 302: Updating laws on foster care (IB) (Weld, Stollings, Rucker, Roberts, Plymale, Maynard, Azinger)

·         SB 303: Enacting Students’ Right to Know Act (Rucker)

·         SB 304: Relating to county board of education financial statements (Rucker)

·         SB 305: Exempting certain nonpaid volunteers from workers’ comp benefits (IB) (Sypolt, Cline, Maynard, Pitsenbarger, Stollings)

·         SB 306: Licensing of drivers utilizing bioptic telescopic devices (Trump)

·         SB 307: Correcting code citation relating to certain tax liens (Maynard)

·         SB 308: Penalizing individuals who violate financial exploitation protective order (FN) (Weld)

·         SB 309: Relating to competitive bidding for government construction contracts arising from state of emergency (FN) (IB) (Swope, Pitsenbarger)

·         SB 310: Updating certain terms used in WV Personal Income Tax Act [By Request of the Executive] (Carmichael, Prezioso)

·         SJR 4: Protection of Electronic Communication and Data Amendment (Sypolt)

·         SJR 5: Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment (Sypolt)

·         SCR 1: Designating dogs adopted from animal shelters and rescues as WV official state dog (Weld)

·         SCR 2: Requesting Frederick County, Virginia, consider becoming part of State of West Virginia (Trump)

·         SCR 3: US Army MSG Richard A. “Dick” Smoot Memorial Bridge (Palumbo)  

* (FN) indicates the bill has a Fiscal Note

* (IB) indicates the bill is an Interim Bill

Committee Action on Bills from Thursday, January 9, 2020

9:30 a.m.: Judiciary

  • SB 94: Providing persons with physical disabilities ability to vote by electronic absentee ballot
  • Committee Substitute reported the full Senate with the recommendation it do pass

Committee times and agendas are subject to change. Follow @WVSenClerk on Twitter for updates.

All Senate Committee meetings and floor sessions are available for both live streaming and to watch again in our archives. The link to the Senate’s archived video page can be found here:


House to convene at 11 a.m.

On the agenda:


·         Com. Sub. for H. B. 2008 – Relating to nonpartisan election of justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals


**Per House Rule 70 , the active daily calendar for House floor sessions is referred to as the “Special Calendar.” The “House Calendar” will contain bills and resolutions that have been reported to the floor but moved off the Special Calendar by the Rules Committee. (For clarity’s sake, the “House Calendar” is often referred to as the “inactive calendar,” while the “Special Calendar” can be referred to as the “active calendar.”) All bills coming out of committee will automatically be placed on the Special Calendar; they can only be moved off that calendar by the Rules Committee. This calendar arrangement used to occur beginning with the 31st day of the session, however House Rule 70 was amended in the House Rules last year to allow the Special Calendar to commence at the start of session.

Committee Meetings Scheduled:

Committee on Finance

9:00 a.m. – Room 464M

·         Budget hearing for state Auditor’s Office

·         Budget hearing for state Treasurer’s Office

Committee on the Judiciary

9:00 a.m. – Room 418M

·         H. B. 4006, Civil Liability for Employers Hiring Ex-Offenders Act

Committee on Rules

10:00 a.m. – Behind Chamber

*** Agendas and times subject to change. ***

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