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Around the Rotunda: Legislative, committee schedule for Monday, Feb. 19 

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Monday, Feb. 19, 2018
41th Day of the Legislative Session

Rotunda and social activities:

Agriculture and Forestry Day, Upper House, Upper Senate Rotundas and Upper Well Area; WV Citizens Defense League, Lower Rotunda; Farm Bureau and Forestry Reception6 p.m., Marriott.


Senate Convenes at 11 a.m. 

On the Agenda: 



  • SR 45: Congratulating Glen Chestnut as WV Outstanding Tree Farmer of 2018


  • SCR 28: Requesting study to consider removing solid waste facilities from jurisdiction of PSC
  • SR 44: Urging House of Delegates investigate impeachment of Chief Justice Allen Loughry



  • SB 47: Requiring Defense Department advocacy groups be notified in abuse or neglect of military person’s child – (Com. amend. pending)
  • Com. Sub. for SB 87: Allowing purchase of Class XS resident senior hunting, fishing and trapping licenses at age 65
  • SB 339: Relating to WV Retirement Health Benefit Trust Fund within PEIA (original similar to HB 4272)
  • SB 398: Relating to requirements for making consumer loans
  • SB 444: Repealing antiquated code sections regarding safety glass and lighting in motor vehicles


SECOND READING (Amendments Stage)

  • Com. Sub. for Com. Sub. for SB 319: Allowing individuals who completed home schooling be eligible for PROMISE scholarship without equivalent diploma
  • SB 406: Clarifying that ground emergency medical transportation is eligible for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement
  • Com. Sub. for SB 415: Permitting wagering on certain professional or collegiate sports events authorized as WV Lottery Sports Wagering activities (original similar to HB 4396)
  • Com. Sub. for SB 450: Collecting and analyzing statistical information pertaining to terminating pregnancies under Medicaid Program
  • Com. Sub. for SB 451: Relating generally to hunting and fishing
  • Com. Sub. for SB 475: Industrial Hemp Development Act (original similar to HB 4500)
  • SB 479: Establishing local government monitoring by Auditor
  • SB 494: Considering members of State Teachers Retirement System absent while serving as officer with statewide professional association
  • Com. Sub. for SB 512: Authorizing certain WV courthouse security officers carry concealed weapons
  • Eng. HB 4380: Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Agriculture
  • Eng. HB 4381: Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Education
  • Eng. HB 4384: Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Transportation
  • Eng. HB 4386: Making a supplementary appropriation to the Department of Health and Human Resources, Division of Health – Community Mental Health Services



  • Com. Sub. for SB 477: Relating to five-year sunset on tax credits and incentives


Senate Bills Introduced


Daily Committee Schedule: 


9 a.m.: Government Organization (208W)

  • Originating Bill 3: West Virginia Volunteer Fire and Rescue Act of 2018


1 p.m.: Natural Resources (208W)

  • HB 2662: Prohibiting the waste of game animals, game birds or game fish
  • SB 112: Clarifying that natural resources police officers’ subsistence allowance is pensionable
  • SB 148: Permitting surface owners purchase mineral interests when they become subject to tax lien
  • SB 429: Relating to forest fires


2 p.m.: Banking and Insurance (451M)

  • SB 493: Relating to WV Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Act


3 p.m.: Judiciary (208W)

  • Agenda TBA


3:30 p.m.: Finance (451M)

  • Com. Sub. for HB 4024: Relating generally to direct cremation or direct burial expenses for indigent persons
  • SB 264: Eliminating refundable exemption for road construction contractors
  • Com. Sub. for SB 359: Authorizing Supreme Court establish curricula for mental hygiene commissioners and certain magistrates
  • Com Sub. for SB 467: Relating generally to Public Defender Services
  • Com Sub. for SB 490: Relating to Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act of 2015
  • Com Sub. for SB 501: Relating to accrued benefit of retirees in Deputy Sheriff Retirement System


Senate Bills to be Introduced Monday, February 19, 2018


  • SB 584: Finding certain claims against state to be moral obligations of state (Blair, Boso, Sypolt, Facemire; Finance)
  • SB 585: Altering boundary line between Doddridge and Harrison counties (Romano, Facemire, Trump, Weld; Government Organization)
  • SB 586: Requiring certain probationers participate in work release program and spend six months in work release center (Smith, Azinger, Baldwin, Beach, Boley, Boso, Clements, Cline, Drennan, Gaunch, Jeffries, Maroney, Maynard, Ojeda, Rucker, Swope, Sypolt; Judiciary)
  • SB 587: Providing counties having less than 1,400 net enrollment be considered as having 1,400 net enrollment for basic foundation program (Mann, Clements, Azinger, Boley, Maroney, Smith, Sypolt; Education then Government Organization)
  • SB 588: Prohibiting use of anabolic steroids and certain Class I drugs on racing dogs (Sypolt; Judiciary)
  • SB 589: Relating to issuance of personalized plates for antique motor vehicles (FN) (Rucker, Arvon, Clements, Cline, Drennan, Gaunch, Maynard, Smith, Sypolt; Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance)
  • SB 590: Providing special license plate for curing childhood cancer (FN) (Jeffries, Baldwin, Beach, Clements, Cline, Facemire, Ojeda, Palumbo, Plymale, Prezioso, Romano, Smith, Stollings, Swope, Sypolt, Trump, Unger, Weld, Woelfel; Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance)
  • SB 591: Increasing reimbursement rate for certain Medicaid services (FN) (Drennan; Health and Human Resources then Finance)
  • SB 592: Adding examination of advanced care technician for firefighter paramedic (Sypolt; Government Organization)
  • SB 593: Reducing criminal penalties and criminalization of marijuana (Ojeda; Judiciary)
  • SB 594: Directing DNR to file rule relating to WV wildlife management areas (FN) (Ojeda; Natural Resources then Finance)
  • SB 595: Creating Protect Our Right to Unite Act (Azinger; Judiciary)
  • SB 596: Establishing WV Community Investment Tax Credit Program (Gaunch; Economic Development then Finance)
  • SB 597: Prohibiting individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanor from conducting private investigation business (Gaunch; Government Organization then Judiciary)
  • SB 598: Relating to civil actions against county commissions and municipalities for injuries (Trump, Ferns, Weld; Government Organization then Judiciary)
  • SB 599: Relating to county boards of education providing free feminine hygiene products (Beach, Baldwin, Mann, Ojeda, Romano, Stollings, Woelfel; Education)
  • SB 600: Relating to powers and duties of PSC (Smith, Ferns, Weld, Jeffries, Prezioso; Energy, Industry and Mining then Government Organization)
  • SB 601: Relating to personal income tax (FN) (Facemire; Finance)
  • SB 602: Providing immunity from civil liability to facilities and employees providing crisis stabilization (Drennan, Blair, Gaunch, Maroney, Maynard, Plymale, Trump; Judiciary)
  • SB 603: Relating to proceedings for involuntary custody for examination (Drennan, Blair, Gaunch, Maroney, Maynard, Plymale, Trump; Judiciary)
  • SB 604: Relating to temporary permits to perform social work functions within community health centers (Drennan; Health and Human Resources then Government Organization)
  • SB 605: Relating to vocational and technical education programs (FN) (Mann; Education then Finance)
  • SB 606: Relating to admissibility of certain evidence in civil action (Swope, Rucker, Smith; Judiciary)
  • SB 607: Prohibiting certain misleading lawsuit advertising practices (Swope, Rucker, Smith; Judiciary)



House Convenes at 11 a.m.

On the agenda:




*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 2464<> – Relating to disclaimers and exclusions of warranties in consumer transactions for goods

*         H. B. 4376<> – Expiring funds to the balance of the Department of Health and Human Resources

*         H. B. 4389<> – Expiring funds to the Enterprise Resource Planning System Fund

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4400<> – Relating to the West Virginia Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4473<> – Relating to use of state funds for advertising to promote a public official or government office

SECOND READING – Amendment Stage

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4001<> – Relating to eligibility and fraud requirements for public assistance

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4042<> – Redefining school zone to facilitate placement of school zone signs

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4157<> – Eliminating the refundable exemption for road construction contractors

*         H. B. 4285<> – Relating to the West Virginia Safe Mortgage Licensing Act (Finance Committee Title Amendment Pending)

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4304<> – Creating the Board of Nursing

*         H. B. 4324<> – Relating to the employment of individuals by municipal paid fire departments under civil service

*         H. B. 4379<> – Supplementing, amending, decreasing, and increasing items of the existing appropriations to the Department of Transportation

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4401<> – Relating to the registration of business

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4428<> – Allowing training hours earned through public school education or apprenticeship to count towards an applicant’s occupational certification

*         H. B. 4436<> – Clarifying when a minor between the ages of 16 and 18 may be employed by or elected as a member of a volunteer fire department

*         H. B. 4488<> – Relating to the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Authority

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4522<> – Allowing certain tax information to be shared with the Director of Purchasing Division, Department of Administration, and State Auditor

*         H. B. 4622<> – Relating to authorizing legislative rules regarding higher education


*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4011<> – Requiring agencies, when submitting a new rule or changes, to also identify two existing rules that could be repealed

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4079<> – Promulgating administrative rules by various executive or administrative agencies of the state

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4478<> – Authorizing public schools to distribute excess food to students

*         H. B. 4621<> – Relating to removing reference to certain entities with respect to work


House Bills Introduced


Daily Committee Schedule:

Committee on the Judiciary
9:00 a.m. – Room 418M

*         H. B. 4615<>, Relating generally to forfeiture of contraband,

*         H. B. 4453<>, Relating to judicial review of contested cases under the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Board of Review,

*         H. B. 4540<>, Implementing a process for counties to obtain grants from an existing federal fund designated the Help America Vote Act Fund,

*         H. B. 4218<>, Relating to medical professional liability,

*         H. B. 4486<>, Relating to persons required to obtain a license to engage in the business of currency exchange,

*         H. B. 4214<>, Increasing penalties for unlawfully possessing or digging ginseng,

*         H. B. 4394<>, Relating to forest fires,

*         H. B. 4187<>, Business Liability Protection Act,

*         H. B. 4309<>, Restricting the sale and trade of dextromethorphan

Committee on Finance
9:30 a.m. – Room 460M

*         H. B. 2843<>, Permitting Class III and Class IV municipalities to be included in the West Virginia Tax Increment Act

*         H. B. 2983<>, Granting priority to roadway construction, reconstruction and maintenance for roadways prone to recurring floods that hinder ingress and egress

*         H. B. 4241<>, Transitioning foster children into managed care

*         H. B. 4219<>, Permitting employees of educational services cooperatives to participate in the State Teachers Retirement System

*         H. B. 4289<>, Relating to disability pensions of municipal employees

2:00 p.m. – Room 460M

*         H. B. 4396<>, Permitting wagering on the results of certain professional or collegiate sports or athletic events

*         H. B. 4619<>, Relating to supporting implementation of comprehensive systems for teacher and leader induction and professional growth

Committee on Government Organization
3:00 p.m. – Room 215E

*         HB 4431<>, Establishing the Mountaineer Trail Network Recreation Authority. (2nd reference to Judiciary)

*         HB 4600<>, Providing an exception to the prohibitions of persons between the age of 18 and 21 of carrying concealed handguns. (2nd reference to Judiciary)

*         Originating HB, Regarding Surveys.

*         HB 4535<>, Relating to payment by paper warrant. (2nd reference to Finance)

*         HB 4534<>, Relating to the executive secretary of the Health Professional Licensing Boards. (2nd reference to Finance)

*         HB 2889<>, Allowing military veterans with certain military ratings to qualify for examinations required of a probationary police officer.

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