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Around the Rotunda: Legislative, committee schedule for Friday, Jan. 25

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Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
17th Day of the Legislative Session

Rotunda and social activities:

WV Lung Association – Tobacco Free Day,  Upper House ad Upper Senate Rotundas, Upper Well  and Lower Rotunda


SENATE:  Senate Convenes at 11 a.m. 

On the Agenda: 



  • Com. Sub. for SCR 4: WV Army National Guard Sergeant Glenn F.  Lough, P.E., Memorial Bridge




  • SB 67: Exempting DNR police officers’ pensions from state income tax
  • Com. Sub. for SB 116: Providing court costs collected under Second Chance Driver’s License Program are not subject to 5 percent offset
  • SB 143: Permitting DNR identification tag be used to identify trap
  • Com. Sub. for SB 163: Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rules (original similar to HB4093)
  • SB 311: Specifying consumers sales and service tax exemption for purchase of certain services and tangible personal property related to aircraft
  • SB 351: Permitting ballot commissioners serve while candidates for certain offices


SECOND READING (Amendments Stage)


  • Com. Sub. for SB 7: Relating to claims under Wage Payment and Collection Act
  • Com. Sub. for SB 51: Relating to domestic relations
  • SB 280: Allowing airports’ emergency management and operations vehicles to use red flashing warning lights




  • Com. Sub. for SB 165: Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rules (original similar to HB4129)
  • Com. Sub. for Com. Sub. for SB 284: Increasing access to career education and workforce training (original similar to HB 4267)
  • Com. Sub. for SB 285: Establishing regional recreation authorities and areas (original similar to SB 67)
  • SB 338: Changing date for employers to file annual reconciliation and withholding statements (original similar to HB 4265)
  • SB 393: Relating to compensation and composition of WV Racing Commission


Senate Bills Introduced


Daily Committee Schedule: 


There are no meetings currently scheduled. Committee meetings will resume Monday, January 29, 2018.


Senate Bills to be Introduced Friday, January 26, 2018


  • SB 394: Changing requisite period necessary to take advantage of criminal offense reduction (Ojeda, Baldwin, Beach, Clements, Facemire, Jeffries, Palumbo, Plymale, Prezioso, Romano, Rucker, Stollings, Swope, Woelfel; Judiciary)
  • SB 395: Providing for judicial review of appealed decisions of Air Quality Review Board, Environmental Quality Board and Surface Mine Board (Trump; Judiciary)
  • SB 396: Creating West Virginia Net Neutrality Act (FN) (Ojeda, Baldwin, Beach, Facemire, Jeffries, Prezioso, Romano, Rucker, Stollings, Unger, Woelfel; Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary)
  • SB 397: Creating crime of impersonating blind or disabled person (Sypolt; Judiciary)
  • SB 398: Relating to requirements for making consumer loans (Gaunch, Cline, Plymale; Banking and Insurance)
  • SB 399: Creating Taxation with Representation Act (Sypolt; Finance)
  • SB 400: Prohibiting state licensing boards from hiring lobbyists (Maynard; Government Organization)
  • SB 401: Requiring specified coverage in health benefit plans for treatment of substance abuse disorders (FN) (Weld; Health and Human Resources then Judiciary)
  • SB 402: Creating exemption from certain contract and common carrier laws for motor vehicles (Gaunch; Transportation and Infrastructure then Government Organization)
  • SB 403: Licensing advance deposit wagering (FN) (Rucker, Baldwin, Blair, Cline, Ferns, Jeffries, Romano, Swope, Trump, Woelfel; Judiciary then Finance)
  • SB 404: Relating to sex offender registry information (Weld; Judiciary)
  • SB 405: Creating Life at Conception Act of 2018 (Rucker, Arvon, Azinger, Cline, Gaunch, Karnes, Maynard, Smith; Health and Human Resources then Judiciary)
  • SB 406: Clarifying that ground emergency medical transportation is eligible for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement (FN) (Ferns; Banking and Insurance then Finance)
  • SJR 10: Disabled Veteran Exemption From Ad Valorem Property Tax Amendment (Sypolt; Judiciary then Finance)
  • SCR 9: Urging Congress call convention of states under Article V limited to proposing amendments to Constitution of United States (Karnes, Azinger, Boley, Cline, Mann, Rucker, Swope, Trump)
  • SCR 10: Proposing amendment to US Constitution restoring free and fair elections (Beach, Baldwin, Clements, Gaunch, Maroney, Maynard, Ojeda, Plymale, Stollings, Woelfel)


* (FN) indicates the bill has a Fiscal Note

* (IB) indicates the bill is an Interim Bill


Committee Action on Bills from Thursday, January 25, 2018

Energy, Industry and Mining

  • SB 360: Clarifying royalty owed in oil and gas lease
  • Bill is laid over to next meeting


Health and Human Resources

  • SB 11: Relating generally to traumatic brain injury
  • Removed from agenda


  • SB 36: Relating generally to DNA testing
  • Passed; to Judiciary


  • SB 46: Permitting pharmacists to inform customers of lower-cost alternative drugs
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 103: Establishing tax credits for certain physicians who locate in WV to practice
  • Passed; to Finance


  • SB 242: Requiring health insurance providers provide coverage for certain Lyme disease treatment
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


Government Organization

  • SB 10: Relating generally to PSC jurisdiction
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 71: Defining “veteran” as it pertains to veteran-owned business
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 283: Relating generally to procurement by state agencies
  • Removed from agenda



  • SB 83: Relating to higher education student success
  • Referred to subcommittee


  • SB 52: Setting maximum licensed school psychologist-pupil ratio at 1,500 pupils for each psychologist
  • Referred to subcommittee



  • Com Sub for SB 237: Authorizing the Department of Revenue to promulgate legislative rules (Bundle 7)

o   SB 235: Lottery Commission rule relating to state lottery rules; SB 236: Racing Commission rule relating to thoroughbred racing; SB 237: Tax Department rule relating to farm to food bank tax credit; SB 238: Tax Department rule relating to payment of taxes by electronic funds transfer; SB 239: Tax Department rule relating to property tax transfer; SB 240: Tax Department rule relating to municipal sales and service and use tax administration; Directing Tax to promulgate personnel rule, 110 CSR 42

  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • Com Sub for SB 184: Authorizing the Department of Transportation to promulgate legislative rules (Bundle 8)

o   SB 184: DOH rule relating to disposal, lease and management of real property; Directing Highways to promulgate a rule relating to employment procedures, 157 CSR 12

  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 327: Providing extortion of anything of value, including sexual contact, subjects person to criminal penalty
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 341: Creating new court of WV Intermediate Court of Appeals
  • Discussion to continue next week



  • SB 384: Decreasing and increasing appropriations from State Fund, General Revenue to DHHR
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 385: Decreasing and adding appropriations out of Treasury to DHHR and MAPS
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 386: Decreasing and increasing appropriations from Treasury to Higher Education Policy Commission
  • Bill is laid over to a future meeting


  • SB 388: Decreasing, increasing and adding appropriations out of Treasury to DHHR and Department of Administration
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


  • SB 268: Eliminating requirement that certain agencies purchase commodities produced on institutional farms
  • Removed from agenda


  • SB 267: Increasing salaries of certain state employees
  • Passed; to be reported to the floor


HOUSE OF DELEGATES:   House Convenes at 11 a.m.

On the agenda:


*         S. B. 263<> – Eliminating film tax credits

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 2483<> – Requiring the Division of Juvenile Services to transfer to a correctional facility or regional jail any juvenile in its custody that has been transferred to adult jurisdiction of the circuit court and who reaches his or her eighteenth birthday

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4035<> – Creating a legislative coalition to study and report to the Legislature on palliative care

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4135<> – Updating the meaning of federal taxable income and certain other terms used in the West Virginia Corporation Net Income Tax Act

*         H. B. 4146<> – Updating meaning of federal adjusted gross income and certain other terms used in West Virginia Personal Income Tax Act

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4169<> – Requiring certain establishments and facilities to post human trafficking assistance notices

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 4174<> – Designating the placement of nonpartisan judicial offices on the primary election ballot

*         H. B. 4207<> – Authorizing an online application to receive a commission to act as a notary public, and eliminating the bond requirement

SECOND READING – Amendment Stage

*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 2546<> – Allowing replacement costs of employer provided property to be deducted from an employee’s final paycheck if the property is not returned

*         H. B. 4144<> – Relating to the elimination of film tax credits

*         H. B. 4183<> – Relating generally to standardized testing requirements for nonpublic schools


*         Com. Sub. for H. B. 2799<> – Prohibiting the superintendent of schools from requiring a physical examination to be included to the application for a minor’s work permit

*         H. B. 4010<> -Providing no requirement to perform or host a marriage ceremony that does not conform to sincerely held religious beliefs

House Bills Introduced


Daily Committee Schedule:

Committee on Finance
8:30 a.m. – Room 460M

*         H. B. 4101<>, Racing Commission, rule relating to thoroughbred racing

*         H. B. 4006<>, Revising the processes through which professional development is delivered for those who provide public education

*         Budget hearing for the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety

Committee on the Judiciary
9:00 a.m. – Room 418M

*         H. B. 4233<>, Relating generally to fraudulent transfers

*         H. B. 2655<>, Defining and establishing the crime of cyberbullying

*         H. J. R. 103<>, Election of West Virginia Board of Education members amendment

*         H. B. 3020<>, Relating to criminal penalties for the offenses of hunting, trapping or fishing on the lands of another person

*         H. B. 2662<>, Prohibiting the waste of game animals, game birds or game fish

*         H. B. 2693<>, Relating to state ownership of wildlife

*         H. B. 2696<>, Relating to crossbow hunting

Committee on Education
9:00 a.m. – Room 434M

*         H.B.3061<>, Encouraging mastery-based education through the Innovation in Schools program

Committee on Government Organization
9:00 a.m. – Room 215E

*         HB 4097<>, State Fire Commission, rule relating to hazardous substance emergency response training programs. (2nd reference to Judiciary)

*         HB 2831<>, Relating to the reconstitution of the Driver’s Licensing Advisory Board.

*         HB 4086<>, Department of Administration, rule relating to parking. (2nd reference to Judiciary)

*         HB 4087<>, Department of Administration, rule relating to state owned vehicles. (2nd reference to Judiciary)

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