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WVPA Sharing: The Charleston Gazette provides an excellent sponsorship example

One of the most noted seminars at the West Virginia Press Association’s Convention 2013 was the panel discussion between representatives of West Virginia advertising agencies and WVPA member newspapers.

During the seminar, advertising agency representatives mentioned that their clients — our newspaper advertisers — are  often upset when the names of sponsors are not always used in news stories. It was noted that the names of sponsors are included in releases but at times are eliminated from the printed articles in some newspapers.

The Charleston Gazette Sept. 4, 2013, front

By failing to recognize the public service represented by a business or organization sponsoring an event, those newspapers create ill-will with the respective business or organization and, in that sense, hurt newspaper advertising efforts, according to the advertising agency representatives.

The Charleston Gazette, on Wednesday, Sept. 4, provided an excellent example of providing newsworthy information and recognizing the public value of a business sponsorship, according to the West Virginia Press Association.

Don Smith, Executive Director of the WVPA, applauded The Charleston Gazette’s example of  supporting the businesses and organizations that are supporting the local community.

Of the above the banner photo and caption, Smith said, “Apart from the great visual and outstanding support of the local team, I was thrilled to see the mention of the sponsors of the free power game noted in the caption. … The sponsors are often regular newspapers advertisers but, according to the advertising agencies, are upset if their sponsorship of other events are not noted in newspaper articles.”

Smith said the most WVPA newspapers recognize sponsors and The Charleston Gazette provided another great example of that trend.

“WVPA newspapers must be aware that noting a newsworthy sponsorship make advertising sales that much easier. Good teamwork makes for a successful operation,” Smith said.

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