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WV Republican Senators condemn political prosecution of President Trump

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — These signed members of the West Virginia State Senate Republican Caucus condemn the New York activist prosecutor, activist judge, and their co-conspirators for abusing their authority with the purpose to undermine the United States of America’s election of the President of the United States.  Fair and open elections are foundational to establishing government by the people for the people. Prescribing law enforcement and the courts to politically coerce, attack, and place gag orders on a presidential candidate is nothing less than aid to those that would seek to destroy this Republic.  The individuals involved must be held accountable for such abuse of power to the full extent of the law.

The people of West Virginia, who above all other states have sacrificed their sons, daughters, fathers, and wives for the preservation of a free United States have also demonstrated overwhelming support for President Trump in his previous bids for President.  Today, these West Virginia Republican Senators still stand with President Trump in both his battle for freedom and his bid for President. Our prayer is that God blesses this free republic with endurance and with restoration of election integrity for the citizens of the United States of America.  We are incredibly grateful that President Trump, with all of his patriotism and tenacity, is here for such a time as this.

Laura Wakim Chapman, Senate District 1

Charlie Clements, Senate District 2

Donna Boley, Senate District 3

Mike Azinger, Senate District 3

Eric Tarr, Senate District 4

Amy Grady, Senate District 4

Mark Maynard, Senate District 6

Chandler Swope, Senate District 6

Mike Stuart, Senate District 7

Rupie Phillips, Senate District 7

Mark Hunt, Senate District 8

Glenn Jefferies, Senate District 8

Rollan Roberts, Senate District 9

Bugs Stover, Senate District 9

Jack Woodrum, Senate District 10

Vince Deeds, Senate District 10

Bill Hamilton, Senate District 11

Patrick Martin, Senate District 12

Ben Queen, Senate District 12

Mike Oliverio, Senate District 13

Randy Smith, Senate District 14

Jay Taylor, Senate District 14

Craig Blair, Senate District 15

Jason Barrett, Senate District 16

Patricia Rucker, Senate District 16

Eric Nelson, Senate District 17

Tom Takubo, Senate District 17


Paid for by the WV Republican Senatorial Committee. Not Authorized by any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee. 

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