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WV Hub seeking new executive director

The WV Hub seeks spearhead to lead West Virginia to a bright future

FAIRMONT, W.Va. — The Hub is a special organization. And it will take a special person to lead it.

Leadership that The Hub hopes will have a profound impact on the state of West Virginia for decades to come.

Kent Spellman is retiring as The Hub’s executive director.

Executive Director Job Description

“The Hub is casting the net far and wide to find just the right person. Local or interstate, public or private sector, an old hand or new to the game – we are keeping our eyes, and our minds, wide open to make sure we find that very special mix of qualities it will take to lead The Hub into the new era that awaits,” an spokesperson said.

It’s a role that will require the ability to, among other things:

Convene and facilitate conversations with state and community leaders to identify challenges and opportunities, and ways to address those challenges and opportunities. Our deeply collaborative approach often requires a willingness to “give away” successful programs and initiatives, and to give a way any credit for their success. A favorite mantra here at The Hub is “A leader is best when people barely know he exists; when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

Work in non-traditional ways and in a non-traditional organization. The Hub is young, dynamic and creative. We aim to be responsive and adaptable to meet the opportunities of the moment. Our new Executive Director will need to be someone who can put a firm and stable structure around this fluid and ever-changing environment. They will be able to provide mentorship among a non-traditional staff, grow the organization in innovative and rich ways, and foster an environment of collaboration and success.

Have an unreasonable optimism about the state, its communities, and its people. The Hub is focused on positive action, on empowering locals to do what they can, and on celebrating innovative solutions to issues facing our cities, towns, and counties. This optimism runs through everything The Hub does, and we believe it’s the key to helping West Virginians see a real and concrete path forward.

Does this sound like you, or someone you know?

Take a moment to read the full Executive Director Job Description, and then get in touch with us.

A great opportunity awaits!

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