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For West Virginia teachers, determination in the morning, joy in the afternoon


The Register-Herald

Teachers, service personnel and supporters celebrate after a 5 percent pay raise for all state employees was announced Tuesday at the state Capitol on Day 9 of the statewide teacher walkout.
(Register-Herald photo by Rick Barbero)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Senate Wing of the West Virginia Capitol seemed more like Milan Puskar Stadium after a Mountaineer victory than a legislative hall Tuesday morning.

Chants echoed off the stone facades as teachers from around the state shouted cheers in unison.

As word gradually crept through the crowd that a deal had been struck to give all state employees a 5 percent pay raise, a roar gradually grew to fill the halls outside of the chambers.

The celebratory exclamation lasted only long enough for the teachers to grasp what was happening and to hear from some of the Democratic leadership of the Legislature.

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