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West Virginia House of Delegates passes Student Discipline Bill

By Steven Allen Adams, The Intelligencer

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A bill passed by the West Virginia House of Delegates Tuesday that would spell out specific requirements for student discipline raised concerns with both Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

House Bill 2890, modifying student discipline in the classroom, passed the House Tuesday in a 79-16 vote, sending the bill to the state Senate.

HB 2890 requires students in kindergarten through 12th grade who are removed from the classroom for disruptive behavior be prohibited from returning to the classroom the remainder of the day and count as an in-school suspension. If the student has to be removed from class three times in a one-month period, the student must receive an out-of-school suspension. The bill also empowers principals to move students to different classrooms if that might help alleviate disruptive behavior.

“The bill before you is about rights and responsibilities,” said House Majority Whip Marty Gearheart, R-Mercer, the lead sponsor of the bill. “Students in the State of West Virginia have the right to receive an education, but they also have a responsibility to behave in the classroom so as to not deny others from receiving that education … you can’t be a participant in a class if you’re going to constantly disrupt it.” …

To read more: https://www.theintelligencer.net/news/top-headlines/2023/02/west-virginia-house-of-delegates-passes-student-discipline-bill/

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