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Time to file your Statement of Ownership, 2014-15 Qualified Newspaper Affidavit form

It’s time again to file your statement of ownership and qualified newspaper affidavit.

Newspapers must file the reports with the US Post Office and the WV Secretary of State.
US Postal - Newspaper Statement cropped
Below is the most current US Postal form.
The WVPA is working with the WV SOS office to get the proper form for 2014-15 distributed. The WVPA will provide an update an form as soon as possible.
This is important information. Take extra care to ensure your circulation numbers are current and accurate. Please understand that this information is used to determine your legal advertising rate and the number of advertising inserts your receive from the WVPA, private advertisers and state agencies.  Inaccurate totals could result in your newspaper overcharging for advertising.
You should expect audits of this information. Totals that aren’t current and accurate not only reflect badly on our industry, but also put all legal and public notice advertising revenue at risk. Having inaccurate data on these reports also could put you at risk for legal challenges or criminal prosecution.
We advise all publishers to review and document these reports before they are filed.
The WVPA also requests that every newspaper send a copy of both documents to the WVPA office:
3422 Pennsylvania Avenue,
Charleston, WV 25302
US Postal Link:
WV SOS 2014 Form:


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