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The Facial Center selects contest winners for free laser tattoo removal

Release from The Facial Center of Charleston:

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The Facial Center of Charleston and Teays Valley has selected two Kanawha County residents through its “Erase the Mistake” contest to receive laser technology tattoo removals at no cost.

Dr. Jack Krajekian, surgical director at The Facial Center, announced today that Bridget Smith, of Pinch, and Tara Workman, of Charleston, were selected among the dozens of applicants entering the “Erase the Mistake” contest held from Aug. 17-31.

“Both women are seeking to make positive changes in their lives, and The Facial Center is delighted to help each of them with their new starts,” said Dr. Krajekian.

Smith said, “This tattoo removal would change my life by helping me not feel embarrassed and make me feel more comfortable to show my stomach. I’m in recovery from addiction and have been clean for four years and am now an RN. I’m just looking to clean up mistakes from my past.”

Workman said, “I am making a lot of changes in my life such as a new job, buying a house, and getting a divorce. The removal of this tattoo would be like a fresh start. I could leave the past behind me and become more confident as a woman and feel more comfortable in my own skin. This tattoo was done in my younger years and I am ashamed of its quality. I will no longer have to answer onlookers’ questions of what is that supposed to be. I would be so grateful if I was given this opportunity to start over with everything in my life.”

Professionals at The Facial Center reviewed all applicants and made their selections on a wide array of criteria – the level of impact it would have on one’s life, the tattoo’s size, color, and location on the body, and other considerations.

The new, state-of-the-art Cynosure PicoSure Laser will be used for the tattoo removal procedure. Dr. Krajekian explained that it creates an intense photothermal impact in trillionths of a second, and its advanced technology spares the skin high thermal damage and targets the chromophore for better clearance in fewer treatments. It is also the first and only aesthetic picosecond laser for the safe and effective removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, as well as acne scars and wrinkles. He added that the laser technology is also successfully utilized for skin revitalization treatments.

The Facial Center has offices in Charleston (4307 MacCorkle Avenue, S.E.) and Teays Valley (200 Prestige Park in Hurricane). You can find more information about tattoo removal on The Facial Center’s website: https://www.thefacialcenter.com/rejuvenate/picosure/

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