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Sen. Capito’s talks energy in weekly address to West Virginians

Jan. 29, 2016 — This week, the Senate began debating a bipartisan energy bill that marks the first comprehensive energy policy update in eight years. Senator Capito discusses the importance of this legislation for West Virginia and the need for commonsense reform.
January 29, 2016
Hi – I’m Senator Shelley Moore Capito, and this is my weekly Senate update.
This week, the Senate began debating the bipartisan Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016.
This comprehensive bill is the first energy update in eight years.
That means our energy policies haven’t been updated since the invention of iPads or since major increases in our natural gas production began in 2012.
This bipartisan bill will help modernize our energy policies, recognizing the changes that have taken place in the energy sector.
The announcement this week that nearly 900 coal workers in West Virginia could lose their jobs was very devastating.
It highlighted the need to bring new opportunities to our state through an all-of-the-above approach to the way we utilize energy.
This energy bill we are considering also includes language I introduced to address the flawed permitting process for pipelines.
This language will streamline the application process so that pipelines can be constructed in a more timely and efficient manner and meet our energy transportation needs.
I look forward to further debating this bill in the weeks ahead and being a strong voice for West Virginia’s energy needs.
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