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Salem University announces unique college affordability program

SALEM, W.Va. – With the goal of making a college education affordable and student debt either eliminated or significantly reduced, Salem International University Monday announced the establishment of the Salem College Affordability Initiative.

According to Dan Nelant, President, “The Salem College Affordability Initiative is a direct response to the biggest threat facing high school graduates: College debt.”Nelant said college debt in America is estimated to be $1 trillion and growing.  College graduates may spend 10 to 20 years repaying their college loans.

“We have been working to reduce student debt for several years. For example, Salem has not increased tuition in the last three years, and we recently were approved to reduce tuition for several programs,” Nelant said.“With the Salem College Affordability Initiative, we will enable students to complete their bachelor’s degree with zero debt or manageable debt by assisting them in gathering all of the federal and state grants that are available and applying these funds to their college costs. We then offer a ‘last dollar’ scholarship for those students taking distance education courses via the Internet or commuting to campus,” Nelant added.

President Nelant emphasized that the program is particularly targeted toward low income West Virginia students who otherwise would be unable to afford to complete a college degree.  The program also serves transfer students and all West Virginia high school graduates since 2011.
”I encourage everyone interested in a college education to explore the Salem College Affordability Initiative because it is truly a revolutionary educational program,” Nelant said.Interested individuals should contact the Salem Admissions Office via the university’s web site at or by telephone at 304.326.1109.


 Dan Nelant, President
Salem International University
(304) 326-1234# # #

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