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Proponents: One day left to get W.Va. Neighborhood Investment Program on House Finance Committee agenda

After 13 days before House Finance Committee, Senate Bill 293 still not on agenda

 WVPA Staff Report

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Proponents of renewing the West Virginia Neighborhood Investment Program — SB293 — say the bill is in “real danger” of failing to get support in the 2016 legislative session.



“We’ve arrived at a critical cross roads for the renewal of the West Virginia Neighborhood Investment Program (SB293) as its not getting movement out of the House of Delegates’ Finance Committee. Today’s agenda was posted over the weekend, and after two weeks of being in the House Finance Committee, the legislation – SB293 – is still not on the agenda.  This gives us just one day to get it out of committee to the House Floor for passage, and the Senate will have to do a conference committee to approve it,” said Paul Daugherty, executive director of Philanthropy WV and a supporter of the bill.

Laura Lee Haddad, executive director the  West Virginia NonProfit Association, said, “The Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) was established in West Virginia in 1996 to encourage charitable giving to local nonprofits.  The program allows 501(c)3 organizations to apply for tax credit vouchers which they then distribute to businesses and individuals who contribute to their organization.  By donating to approved NIP organizations, contributors can support their communities while earning credits to reduce certain West Virginia taxes. Since this program’s creation, there has been a marked increase in itemized charitable giving in the state. If legislation to renew the program doesn’t pass during the 2016 legislative session, this program will expire.”

The bill passed the Senate, 34-0, and was introduced in the House and sent to the House Finance Committee on Feb. 20.

Del. Eric Nelson, chairman of the House Finance Committee, and Finance Committee attorneys met with the proponents to discuss questions and issues, but there has been no action yet.

Haddad and Daugherty aren’t giving up on the bill. “We know this is a busy time and House Finance has a lot to consider. We just hope they will put the bill on the agenda.”


“What this means we’re at emergency status to get hundreds of phone calls to the Nelson, all committee members, and House of Delegates Leadership:  Speaker Armstead, Majority Leader Cowles, Majority Whip O’Neal, Speaker Pro Tem Anderson, and Asst. Majority Whip Miller,” Haddad said. “Again, if it doesn’t get to the agenda, then the legislation won’t be moving and the program will end forever.”


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