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Past and present elected women in West Virginia celebrate Women’s Equality Day, 19th Amendment Wednesday

By Kailee Kroll, The Exponent Telegram

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Past and present elected officials gathered at the Progressive Women’s Association on Wednesday to celebrate Women’s Equality Day and the 100th anniversary of ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

Mike Queen, West Virginia secretary of state deputy chief of staff and communications director, opened the event.

“This is a very special day, not only for West Virginia but for the United States and for the women of America,” Queen said.

“There is difficulty in getting people to understand the 72-year-struggle that took place to guarantee women the right to vote,” he said. “‘All men are created equal,’ but it wasn’t until 1920 that all men and women were guaranteed the right to vote. Frankly, it wasn’t until another 28 years before women of color had the right to vote in every state.

“It’s been a struggle, so 100 years ago today, on August 26, 1920, the secretary of state in Washington, D.C., certified the ratification of the 19th Amendment, and it was added officially to the U.S. Constitution.”

Republican National Convention Committeewoman Beth Bloch was the keynote speaker for the celebration. She spoke about state Sen. Jesse Bloch, her husband Tom Bloch’s great-grandfather, and his contribution to passage of the 19th Amendment in West Virginia in 1920. …

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