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Opinion: Health Care hiring a real challenge in West Virginia

From The Intelligencer of Wheeling

Another report is spotlighting the labor shortage woes in the healthcare industry, but this one is focused squarely on the “significant workforce shortages” here in the Mountain State. The West Virginia Hospital Workforce Report 2023 looked at what declining college enrollment, increased burnout, aging workers, fewer people entering healthcare fields overall and the COVID-19 pandemic has done to our healthcare workforce.

Here we have high vacancy and turnover rates in all job categories: nursing, diagnostic imaging, medical laboratory and respiratory therapy. That is frightening, as we know the longer we plow through these shortages, the more we increase burnout and dropout rates.

“High vacancy and turnover rates negatively impact the continuity of care for patients, and this leads to higher operational costs due to expensive short-term staffing solutions and the recruiting and onboarding of new staff,” the report reads. “This adds to the financial challenges hospitals and other health care providers are facing.”

But we know that. The question is what do we do? ….

Read more: https://www.theintelligencer.net/opinion/editorials/2023/07/health-care-hiring-a-real-challenge/

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