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Newz Group partnership gives member newspapers off-site backup


From Executive Director Don Smith:
In the coming days and weeks, all West Virginia Press Association newspapers should be getting a call from Newz Group.
These calls are coming with the support and urging of the WVPA and are about your access to free off-site archiving and backup. It’s a benefit service provided at no cost through the WVPA/Newz Group partnership. I highly recommend you talk with Newz Group. This is a great benefit – at no cost.
Please use the digital upload and free off-site backup!
After the recent flooding in our state, we’ve been in contact with Newz Group to ensure you still have access to free archiving and backup.
It’s an unfortunate reality that many of our newspapers are in locations that flood. During the flooding, The Clay Free Press building suffered extensive damage. Publisher Michael Showell and his staff have done an outstanding job maintaining publication but such losses are irreplaceable.
Fire is another constant possibility in the newspaper industry. With computers, servers, archives, returned newspapers and other items, fires are a potential hazard. Simple computer crashes can corrupt all your files and templates. There are also numerous other ways to lose files and the archives. Is your backup onsite? If so, you are at risk to fire and flooding.
REMEMBER: There is free off-site backup and archiving available. How do you explaining losing all files, templates and work to a disaster and not having backup when Newz Group provides it at no cost?
News Group is a partner with the WVPA and your newspaper (even if you didn’t realize it).
Newz Group CEO and President Brad Buchanan attended Convention 2015 and conducted a seminar on the partnership and the benefits and new programs for our newspapers.
News Group has been an industry partner since 1998, but many members may not be familiar with how it got started, and how the business has evolved since that time. Over the past 15 years Newz Group has directly sent well over a half million dollars to the West Virginia newspaper industry.
The company works with the WVPA in documenting news coverage/placement for many state and regional clients. They are key in providing the information clients require when monitoring and determining the value of newspapers.
In my opinion: Newz Group’s ability to confirm newspaper value to clients is responsible for millions in related advertising dollars.
I can’t give a higher recommendation than I give Newz Group.
As part of its operation, Newz Group has developed a newspaper data base for West Virginia and its other partner states. These systems are used by publishers and press associations for many purposes, including off-site archiving, inexpensive e-editions, legal and public notice web sites, e-tear sheets, and more. Some features may not be of interest to you, but others might. At any rate, they would like the opportunity to show you what is available.
I encourage you to talk with Newz Group about the new programs, the digital uploads and the free offsite backups that are available through your WVPA membership.
You will probably hear from Kat Jennings or Sarah Frieling.
Below is the website and a tutorial on the digital uploads and archiving program. Take a look.

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