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‘Mothman’ director searches for ‘Ohio Bigfoot’

Staff report

Point Pleasant Daily Register

Filmmaker Seth Breedlove addresses the audience prior to a screening of “The Mothman of Point Pleasant” in 2017, held at the Lowe Hotel in Point Pleasant.
(Daily Register file photo)

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — The director of “The Mothman of Point Pleasant: 13 Months that Changed History,” is developing a new, documentary mini-series that takes on the Bigfoot phenomena.

Director Seth Breedlove grew up in Bolivar, Ohio and used his hometown as a central location in the project, which, in addition to Northeast, Ohio, was also shot in California, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, South Carolina, New York and more. While filming “On the Trail of Bigfoot,” Breedlove joined four different Bigfoot investigative groups located in Southern Ohio, Pennsylvania, the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and the Ouachita Mountains in Southeastern Oklahoma.

The series tracks the history of the Bigfoot subject while also telling Breedlove’s personal story, tracing how he went from ardent skeptic, to truly believing there could be a real, undiscovered creature lurking in North American forests.

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